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    High Conflict Parenting

    Many families are trying to cope with high conflict whether due to major life changes such as a new job, a move, or the addition or loss of a family member, while other families are coping with high conflict due to toxic relationships such as those resulting from severe mental health issues such as narcissism or other personality disorders.

    Regardless of the issues causing conflict in your family’s life, the impact on you as a parent, and your young children, puts you all risk for stress and trauma-related mental health and developmental problems. Utilizing support during these difficult times and learning how to take care of yourself and your children is important to healthy living.

    Learn more about how therapy can help you and your children thrive depending on the type of high conflict you are dealing with:

    Conflict resulting from major life changes

    Conflict Resulting from Toxic Relationships

    Children’s Book – Island Hopper


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