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    Helpful Information for Parents

    On this page you will find useful and interesting links to books, articles, websites, and resources you may find helpful and interesting. Please check back periodically for new info!

    Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

    Postpartum Support International

    Climb Out of Darkness

    Postpartum Health Alliance San Diego

    Perinatal Health Alliance for People of Color

    EDPS Postpartum Depression Screening Tool

    If you score a 10 or higher, please seek help. You may contact me to set up an appointment and we will work together to help you feel better. You and your baby deserve it!

    Early Childhood Development and Mental Health

    Sexual development and Behavior in Children

    Interpersonal Neurobiology – Dr. Daniel Siegel – brain development

    “The Whole Brain Child” by Dr. Daniel Siegle

    Zero to Three

    Selma Fraiberg – Ghosts in the Nursery

    Parenting Skills

    The Whole Brain Child and “Flipping Your Lid”

    Dr. Daniel Siegel on Facebook

    Babies, Kids and Families (Our Facebook page for parents)

    The Incredible Years Parenting Program (We teach these skills)

    Parent Child Interaction Therapy – We offer this intervention

    Difficult and High Conflict People

    Bill Eddy – Therapist and Lawyer

    Helpful Books for Parents by Bill Eddy

    Stop Walking on Eggshells Book

    Perinatal and Postpartum Trauma

    Empty Cradle (Pregnancy and Infant Loss)