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    Groups and Classes

    Groups are virtual at this time but slowly starting to return to in-person. Please ask if the group you’re interested in is in-person.

    Little Frogs and Pollywogs

    This clinical group is intended for mothers of toddlers and preschoolers who, in addition to coping with the normal ins and outs of parenting a young child, are also coping with depression and/or anxiety. Group is a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings about being a mo and a woman without judgment. This is a great group for those who have ‘aged out’ of a postpartum depression support group. This group is typically held twice a month in central San Diego on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 6-7:30 PM. Due to fluctuations in COVID, some groups have been canceled. Please contact us for the current schedule.

    Cost: $40 per person/per group

    Registration is required

    619-248-2016 or [email protected]

    After the NICU

    This clinical group is for parents or adult family members who have had a baby in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). This experience is overwhelming and often traumatic. Parents are on autopilot when their babies are in the NICU, just waiting for their baby to go home. Then, often unexpectedly, emotional trauma that bubbles up weeks, even months or years after the baby has gone home can be very difficult to deal with. Join other parents who have been through this experience and understand the unique fears, worries, and successes that only a NICU family can. For future dates and more information, please contact us.

    Cost: $40 person/per group or $75 for a couple

    Registration is required

    This group is not currently being offered

    619-248-2016 or [email protected]

    Co-parenting with the Self-Absorbed

    This non-clinical group (you do not need to be a client) is intended to bring together parents of younger children who are parenting with a difficult co-parent (whether in an intact relationship or not). The goal of this group is to create a safe, warm, and positive space for parents to meet other parents who ‘get it’. Parents will find support, validation, tools, and resources for coping with a difficult co-parent and for supporting their children who may also be managing a difficult parent-child relationship.

    This group is held once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month in Central San Diego, CA from 6-7:30 PM. The format is social, educational, and supportive. Parents will have an opportunity to meet other parents who understand the very unique difficulties of parenting with a high-conflict co-parent. Ideas, tools, and resources for making positive changes in your parenting style with your co-parent and ideas to nurture and support your children will be discussed. Please join the village, feel empowered around a relationship that may cause you to feel dis-empowered, and support yourself and your children as well!

    Cost: $40 per group

    Registration is required

    619-248-2016 or [email protected]


    Parenting Classes

    Wondering how to manage your child’s tantrums, dilly-dally at bedtime or getting out of the house in the morning? Do you wish your kids would follow directions without you having to repeat yourself 100 times or just do those simple things like use an indoor voice, sit on their bottoms at the table or put their dirty clothes in the hamper?

    Positive parenting skills are powerful tools to help nurture your child’s development while at the same time helping them to use the kind of behavior that makes life easier for you as a parent and your child more enjoyable and likable to other kids and adults.

    Join us for a fun and informative parenting class for one or both parents. This class will be a Positive Parenting Basics class and you will learn:

    • Child directed play and the value in attachment and behavior management
    • Child brain development and the impact on behavior (from Dr. Dan Siegel’s work)
    • Tools to promote compliant behavior and reduce undesired behaviors
    • Tangible rewards
    • Consequences

    This is on hold at this time due to the pandemic – watch for dates in 2022 or contact us to discuss private parenting support.

    619-248-2016 or [email protected]

    *For all groups and classes, babies in arms and very new movers are welcome. Please arrange childcare for children who are expert crawlers and older.