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    Family Planning and Fertility

    When trying to conceive with purpose, the world can narrow to a two-week window; you are either waiting to ovulate or waiting to take a pregnancy test.

    If you have been trying to conceive and it’s been a few months and you’re not pregnant, or you have had some losses, you are probably experiencing a level of worry and stress, combined with powerlessness, that may feel very new. This may be the first time in your life that you can’t control the outcome of something you want so very much.

    Perhaps you have learned that there are challenges with fertility and you may be teetering on the edge of hope and fear. Have you started to hope that the doctors find a problem so that you can at least know ‘why?’ and ‘fix it’, or are you moving past IVF and starting to think about other ways to start or grow your family, such as surrogacy or adoption.

    Family planning, especially while addressing fertility challenges, is an extremely stressful and anxiety-provoking time in life. Talking to a knowledgeable professional can give you a safe and compassionate place to share your feelings, be heard, and get support.

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