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    Parenting Support

    Parenting is hard work!

    Being a good parent is so much more than diaper changes and baby-proofing. Though babies are a lot of work and leave parents exhausted and sleep-deprived, they are actually easier than toddlers and preschoolers. A three-year-old will remember that you said you would read them an extra story and despite your long day and a great need to go to bed, your sweet little preschooler will hold you accountable when they say ‘but you said….’

    Babies don’t come with a guide book and parents are doing their best, usually repeating what they think their own parents did well or making every effort to avoid what their parents did poorly. Developing strong positive parenting skills takes effort, commitment, and patience and, it’s worth it!

    If you’re looking for help learning how to raise kind, responsible, respectful, and (ultimately) intrinsically motivated human beings, you are in the right spot! We adore teaching parents about positive parenting skills that are centered in attachment theory and neurodevelopment. All interventions and techniques are from evidence-based models and help increase the joy that children and parents have together while resulting in more pro-social behaviors and happier homes.

    Learn more about some of our favorite parenting models here.

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