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    Support for New Parents

    Am I good enough?” “Would my baby be better off without me?” “Am I a bad mom if I give my baby formula?” Being a new mom is so much harder than you thought it would be.

    Everyone said the bond would be instantaneous but it didn’t happen that way for you. You’re so sad, crying all the time, having scary, unwanted thoughts, and wondering if you just made the biggest mistake of your life. You may be wondering if you or your new baby have an attachment disorder or if you need attachment-focused therapy to fall in love with one another. You never imagined it would be this hard.

    Dad, you’re scared and overwhelmed watching your wife or partner fall apart in front of you and you can’t understand why and don’t know how to help. You may even be feeling scared and emotional yourself and are afraid to admit it out loud. Dads develop postpartum depression (PPD) too and the number one factor affecting a dad’s likelihood of developing PPD is if the mom has symptoms.

    Adjusting to parenthood is hard even when there are no other complications to deal with. If you are experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety then you know how it robs you of who you are and makes it hard to be the great mom or dad you want to be. Sleep deprivation is like nothing you have ever known before and breastfeeding may make you feel like a failure and send you into a spiral of guilt, and the anxiety at night is so overwhelming that you don’t even recognize yourself.

    You are not alone…..

    You are not alone! You are not going crazy! We can help!

    We help moms (and dads) bond with their newborns and address the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety that are getting in the way of adjusting well to parenthood. You will feel better after our first session because you feel seen, heard, understood, and validated. You can be your full, perfect, messy self with us and we will see you fully and you will know you can say anything and everything without being judged. We’re ready to help you feel better and be the parent you want to be.

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