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    Conflict from Toxic Relationships

    You have reached a point in your relationship with your partner or co-parent where you have stopped talking because nothing you say is ever right and everything you say leads to an argument. Your partner makes you feel like its always your fault even when it’s not. You’re the victim of gaslighting (a type of emotional abuse common in narcissistic/toxic relationships) and see your kids being used as pawns in your dysfunctional relationship. You feel trapped. You want it to end but you’re afraid to do anything for fear it will only get worse.

    If this resonates with you, you are not alone and you deserve help!

    It’s hard enough to be in a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship if it’s just you but when you add children into that mix it’s even harder. Generally speaking, the only way to be in a relationship with a highly toxic person is to not be a relationship with them (or limit the interactions). This feels impossible when you have kids together.

    Getting Help

    It is possible to get out of the toxic relationship, change the cycle, take care of yourself, and protect your children. If you’re ready for help, whether you are still living with your toxic partner, in the process of leaving or have been separated/divorced for several years, call me today and let’s get started helping you create the life you and your children deserve. Future you is waiting for you to take the first step. You can do it!

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