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    Our Philosophy

    At Babies, Kids, and Families, we believe that parents and children need to enjoy each other every day in order to have a satisfying and healthy relationship. Babies and children need a safe, predictable, and reliable environment to thrive and develop into healthy adults. Parents need to feel confident and competent in their ability to parent their kids in a world filled with real and perceived judgments.

    Parenting is hard work and growing up is complicated. We want to help you navigate the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and find pleasure in each other every day.

    We are here to help you – babies, kids, and families.

    Our Values

    Everyone deserves to feel safe and loved. Sometimes it’s harder than we expect to figure out what our child or partner needs in order to feel connected and nurtured. Babies, Kids, and Families relies on the science of brain development, attachment theory, and personality theory, among others, to formulate an understanding of “what’s going on?” for a baby, child or family. Using this science as well as clinical training and experience, we are able to help families discover and address the underlying causes of what’s getting in the way of feeling safe and loved.

    Our Mission

    Give parents the education, support and, tools to provide an environment that nurtures a secure attachment in their children. Help families form safe and loving bonds that support healthy social and emotional growth through the lifespan.

    Our Process

    Through clinical assessment and collaboration with parents, identify the problems that get in the way of family harmony, individual happiness, and social confidence, in order to promote the best outcomes for babies, kids and families.

    Let's work together

    If your family needs help enjoying each other more, managing difficult behaviors, or navigating challenging events, we can help. From family planning, pregnancy, and birth, and all through the early years, we are here to help.

    Meet Cara Fairfax

    Cara is a San Diego therapist passionate about helping pregnant and post-partum women as well as families with babies and young children. From family planning, fertility, pregnancy and post -partum, Cara is experienced in helping clients overcome grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. She supports parents with new babies when things don’t go the way the parents expected, for example, a traumatic pregnancy or birth, fetal or infant loss, a NICU admission, adoption, known or unexpected infant disability, post-partum depression/anxiety and adjusting to a new life with your new baby and growing child. Cara will support your family through family planning into middle childhood, helping you navigate the twists and turns.

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